Research essay on Terrorist group

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you will select an TG and conduct research on that group. Your case study should draw on a number of different sources – both scholarly and non-scholarly – to paint a full picture of the TG. Your case study should begin by establishing the context for your TG’s creation (e.g. British colonialism led to the creation of the Jewish TG Irgun). Next, you should review your TG’s structure, objectives, and any other unique features. Then your case study should analyze 3 (or more) notable events in the history of your TG. Your analysis should draw out some insight into the TG, its struggle, and/or the broader subject of terrorism. If your TG has ceased to exist discuss how it ended. If it has not, discuss its current status. Finally, your case study should offer some concluding sentences that summarize what your research into this TG has shown.

The terrorist group is Boko Haram and The notable events should be kidnappings that group has done

7-10 sources

about 10 pages double spaced MLA


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