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Research and analyze at least three technology tools for onl

    Research and analyze at least three technology tools for online educationalsharing and report your findings in a well-constructed, scholarly essay of 2-3pages (apx 100-1200 words).Within your paper, identify the best tool in your opinion you will use this tool for all other assignments in this class. Please include arationale supporting your selection of this particular tool. Support your ideaswith research from 2-3 credible sources.A few examples of tools for online educational sharing include a blog, awiki, a website, an e-book, an existing educational portal, a collaborationtool, or any other technology that allows a person to share his or herknowledge, expertise, experience, ideas, products, etc., with a select group ofpeople or with an open, worldwide audience. Remember during the rest of the assignments in this class you will stick to that utilize a Web 2.0 tool so you should feel comfortable with the creation and use of that tool.

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