Rehabilitation of Sports injuries, Portfolio – Case studies- 5 Pages

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Rehabilitation of Sports injuries, Portfolio – Case studies
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Assignment Brief
Module Title: Rehabilitation of Sport injuries
Assignment Title: Portfolio – Case studies
Learning Outcomes for the module
1. Review contemporary research to inform rehabilitation programme design
2. Plan, develop and implement a rehabilitation programme that considers the damaged tissue, the biomechanical considerations of the surrounding joint and the physiological demands for an individual related to their sports or general activity level.
Assignment Task
Rehabilitation programme
In order to carry out appropriate and effective treatment, the practitioner must have the understanding and skill to assess, plan, apply, evaluate and reflect on their rehabilitation treatments.
1. You will carry out a full case study on 2 clients with a sport/ exercise injury.
(2 clients 4 treatments)
2. This will include a consultation, assessment, planned treatments, evaluation and aftercare advice.
3. Four rehabilitation treatment sessions should be planned, evaluated and then written up as a case study report.
Identify and appraise the risk factors associated with the injuries and identify appropriate corrective exercises.
(2 clients, 4 rehabilitation treatment sessions)
– Week 1, Consultation, Assessment with 30 minutes sport massage
– Week 2, Gym exercise programme and 10-15 minutes sport massage
– Week 3, 45 minutes Sports massage with Advance massage technique using STR work massage pin Stretch and Stretching massage muscle energy.
– Week 4, Gym exercise progression and 10-15 minutes sport massage
Client 1 Upper Body, Back neck and shoulder exercise injuries rehabilitation.
Mrs.PE Age 65, weight 10.5 St, height 5.2 ft. The client had a condition of pain in the back, neck, shoulder and scapular, especially on the right side for 2-3 year. She had a massage quite often, but the pain is continuing.

Client 2 Lower Body, Hamstring exercise injuries rehabilitation.
Mrs.KD Age 52, weight 9.10 St, height 5.4 ft. The client had a complaint of pain in the posterior left thigh for a 6-months duration. She reported that the symptoms first appeared during an exercise when she rapidly raised her left leg into a high, overhead position (abduction and flexion)

Instructions to Students:
– Must include the assignment title on the first page of your work.
– The page should be numbered starting after the title page through to the reference list page.
– The assignment must be word-processed and print on one side of white A4
– A “footer” must be added to include student number and submission date.
– Line spacing should be double spaced, using size 12 font in Arial.
– UK English must be used
– Table of contents is requested
– 1500 words count

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