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Read the two paragraphs and give me your two opinion for eac

    Read the two paragraphs and give me your two opinion for each paragraphs1.Johnson and Johnson founded by three brothers in 1886 Brunswick, New Jersey,U.S. In1887, Johnson & Johnson’s mass production of sterile sutures,surgical dressings, cotton, and gauze ushers in the widespread practice ofmodern antiseptic surgery. The company has focused on advancing technologies,goods and services to enhance patient care and bringing greater precision toevery aspect of surgery for over 100 years. In 1937 Johnson & Johnson establishedtheir Ortho Research Laboratories in Linden, New Jersey to make women’s healthproducts. Twelve years later from the company’s heritage suture business,formed and became Ethicon, Inc. The company has made significant contributionsto surgery for over 50 years and continued their dedication to shaping thefuture of medicine to help address the world’s most pressing healthcare issues,and improve and save more lives. Johnson & Johnson partners with the AOFoundation to deliver world-class professional education and developinnovations that enhance patient outcomes and increase the efficiency of care. J&J’smission statement relies heavily on their “Credo” which in summary is havingthe responsibility to employees, stockholders, the communities in which theyconduct business and the overall environment of meeting their needs, andeverything that J&J does must be of high quality. J&J must continuallystrive to reduce costs to maintain reasonable prices to all consumers.J&J’s Earthwards approach uses environmental and social impacts to developsolutions for the design and manufacture of products that are sustainable. The CompetitionMedtronic was founded in 1949 as a medical equipment repair shop by Earl Bakkenand his brother-in-law, Palmer Hirundine. They had a profound moral purpose andan inner drive to use their scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial skills tohelp others. Medtronic’s first life-changing therapy – a wearable,battery-powered cardiac pacemaker – was the foundation for many more Medtronictherapies that use electrical stimulation expertise to improve the lives ofmillions of people. Medtronic’s offers the following various treatments andtherapies to their customers’ medical needs such as Airway and Lung, Brain,Diabetes, Digestive and Gastrointestinal, Ear nose and throat, Heart andVascular, Pain, Spine and Orthopedic, and Urinary and Reproductive. Medtronic’sMission is to contribute to human welfare by application of biomedicalengineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments orappliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. The NicheAs aleader in Cardiac devices, Medtronic’s maintains more than 50% of its salesthrough its Cardiac and Vascular group. The company focuses on three categorieswhich include Therapy Innovation, Economic Value, and Globalization. Thecombined strategies enable a basis for partnership with its customers resultingin high-quality patient outcomes, and also expand the healthcare access topatients while reducing costs worldwide. The acquisition of Covidien has alsoadded new lines of products that would inevitably push Medtronic further to thetop and beyond the reach of competitors in the med-tech arena. Although J&Jdoes have a cardiovascular care division, the majority of its sales are throughorthopedic devices which accounted for more than 34% in their med-techdivision, and a growing pharmaceutical sector in which competitors cannotmatch.2. Theproduct of PepsiCo that is the central focus of my analysis is the snacks thatare produced by the Frito-Lay Company as part of the PepsiCo Company. Thecompany has 22 products that are global to over 200 countries and territoriesand these are the biggest sellers of the company. The snacks on this list areDoritos, Lays, Fritos, Ruffles and Tostitos. We all have our favorite Frito-Laysnacks that we will not substitute. The Frito-Lay Company believes thatsnacking should be good and fun as stated on their site about nutrition and thecommitment to the consumer. They have been using quality ingredients such aspotatoes, corn and grains and cooking and topping with the perfect seasoningand some recipes have been the same for over 80 years.The Frito-Lay Company has top global brands(Doritos, Fritos, Lays, Ruffles), better for you brands,(baked, Stacy’s, Lays),good for you brands, (Sabra, Quaker, Kevita), and fun for you brands,(includesthe classics, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos). The marketing strategy of thesechanges to many of their favorites in their product line was mainly forcustomer wants and needs. The best way to retain and attract their customerswas to enhance their product line to meet the needs. Consumer were getting moreeducated on snacking and the affects of unhealthy eating and demanded tocompanies provide a healthier option. The industry had to make the changes tomeet the customer demands and needs to stay successful. In 1970 the Frito LayCompany began an expansion that last for ten years with the opening of morethan one new plant a year. The early 70’s is when Foods International, laterPepsiCo Foods International (PFI), then Frito-Lay International was establishand was able to market snack foods around the world. A very smart marketing andbusiness move by Frito-Lay in the late 90’s is when they planned to buy the104-year-old Cracker Jack snacking business. This is also the time whenFrito-Lay becomes the snack chip leader in South and Central America, whichbegins their business venture with Empreseas Polar SA of Venezuela. The nextgreat step by Frito-Lay was to remove trans fats from nearly all of its snackchip line of products.

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