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Read the following about Adobe.&nbsp What specific items that A

    Read the following about Adobe.  What specific items that Adobe wascollecting are or are not a violation of privacy in your opinion? Describe another example that you have encountered where you felt thatan app was invading your privacy.Adobe Collects eReader Data and Transmits it in Cleartext (October 7 & 8, 2014)Adobe has acknowledged that its Digital Editions ebook reader gathersinformation about users’ reading histories and sends the data back tothe company unencrypted. Adobe maintains that the feature is designed toprevent piracy. The company says the information it collects, whichincludes user, device and app IDs; IP addresses; duration of reading;and percentage of book read is data that could be demanded bypublishers. Adobe now says it plans to issue an update to the softwareto address the cleartext data transmission. [Editors Note (Pescatore): I think I see a connection: Adobe wasbuilding in spyware capabilities into its ebook reader software at thesame time it has been unable to prevent its Acrobat PDF software frombeing compromised by attackers. Adobe needs to change its businessvalues to focus on privacy and security of the users of their software.Just adding encryption when the spyware capabilities in their ebooksoftware talks to the Adobe Command and Control server does *not* dothat. ] k-libraries/#.VDSA0r4XkzD - _into_ebook_collections_of_users/ - _text_because_privacy_is_important/ - logs-back-to-adobe-in-plain-text/ - ng-user-reading-habits-n220506

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