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Read the essay and write formal outlineAssemble a complete f

    Read the essay and write formal outlineAssemble a complete formal sentence outline in preparation for your Literature Essay. You will need to include your thesis, supporting points, textual support, and conclusion. Use complete sentences for this outline assignment. 50 points possible. (Approximately 500 words). when we read about pre-writing techniques, we should always be constructing outlines for our essays as a pre-writing step. This outline assignment is designed to ensure that you take this step in preparation for your rough draft of essay. For your essay, you will argue a position based on your analysis of one of these four stories. Remember to include your thesis, supporting points, texual support, acounterargument, and a conclusion. Use complete sentences.The outline gives you the opportunity to reflect on your thesis and main points and draw together the textual support you will need to back up your ideas before you draft the paper. The outline is a skeleton for the paper; if you assemble a clear outline, your essay should come together fairly smoothly. please read the essay that I attached and do the outline, and correct if there is anything wrong in the essay. In addition, I attached the sample of the outline use it as an example.

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