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Read the attached paper and review the attached tutorial (do

    Read the attached paper and review the attached tutorial (do not need to complete and return the tutorial):Read (attached): R.A. Lawson and L.C. McDermott, “Student understanding of the work energy and impulse-momentum theorems,” American Journal of Physics 55, 811 (1987). Review (attached): L.C. McDermott, P.S. Schaffer and the PEG, “Changes in energy and momentum” in Tutorials in Introductory Physics, Upper Saddle River, NJ:Pearson (2002). Note that this a change from which tutorial is listed in the syllabus. Respond to the following prompts:1. How do you think your students (or your hypothetical students if you are not currently teaching physics) would perform if they were in a similar study? Do you think the results of this paper from 1987 are still relevant today?2. What do you think about the tutorial? Would you use it in your class? Why or why not? Minimum 2 pages required with 2 references.

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