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Read carefully the instructions below and review the assignm

    Read carefully the instructions below and review the assignment and correct the errors, I believed this assignment needs to be more cited it , please help me with that. INSTRUCTIONSTopic: Cardiovascular DiseasesRole: Medical ResearcherThe purpose of a literature review is to get your reader up to speed on any relevant information so they can understand the purpose of the research. This includes background information on the topic and often background information on techniques used.This particular assignment requires 6-7 pages for full credit.Lit review: 6-7 pagersBegin by filing in the lit review sub topics with relevant subjects for each to lay the foundation for a comprehensive literature review.You may need to develop your materials and methods section to complete the lit review section. Many times the techniques used in data collection need to be explained as well. Researchers: Medical Researcher: Supports the presence of a toxin/pathogen or the absence of nutrientsStart to formulate a hypothetical study that will allow you to collect data that will support a hypothesis that includesIndependent variable Dependent variableOther variables you will control forTechniques used for data collection Public Health EducatorsFormulate a hypothesis that predicts the outcomes related to your policy changes and educational interventions. This will become more specific as you become more familiar with your topic. Identify 3 policy changes and educational interventions you will focus onWriting StyleThis is a formal paper which means it needs to be written in the passive voice. It is meant to be read by scholars not the general public. This is not story time, a blog or a “how to pamphlet” You will not:Use I, we, your, our, your, anyway, anyhow, us , so in your writing Ask the reader questionsUse “according to” (sometimes this is okay but it annoys me so don’t do it) Use quotations (this also annoys me) Be vague and unscientific Have incomplete or run on sentencesHave grammar mistakes Make too large of a leap with information and lack evidence to support your claimHave missing or incorrect citationsHave incorrect informationLack fluidity and have illogical sequencing of information Citations In a literature review the writer is contributing very little. They are simply reporting on the literature that already exists. That means that the majority of the paper is comprised of information that is not their own and must be cited. In this section of the paper almost every sentence is cited. The only exceptions are Introductory sentences – preview of more detailed information to come and then followed by cited evidenceSummary sentences – a recap of previously introduced information Fluidity and Logical SequencingThe presentation of the information must be logical in the paper as a whole and within in each paragraph. The most general information is written first in the form of introductory sentences and then followed by more detailed and related evidence.Transitions between paragraphs and within must also have fluidity as well. Using choppy sentence structure and not employing transition sentences makes the paper unpleasant to read and comprehension difficult. TEMPLATE: Literature Review1.Introductory paragraph2.Subtopic1 – Diagnosis3.Subtopic2 – Raise4.Subtopic3 – Pathophysiology5.Subtopic4 – Treatment6.Subtopic5 – Diet7.Subtopic6 – Stroke8.Subtopic7 – Risk Factors 9.Summarizing paragraphI UPLOADED THE ASSIGNMENT

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