For my first animal I chose sea turtles. Sea turtles have seven different species. Three of the seven sea turtles species are critically endangered. They migrate from the land (where they lay their nests) and the sea (where they spend the majority of their lives). Humans have used sea turtles for their eggs, meat, skin and shells. Not only are they endangered because of this, but sea turtles often get caught up in nets and fishing gear. Due to the rising temperatures in climate change, sea turtle’s nests are experiencing changes in the sex of their hatchlings. The best way we can stop sea turtles from being endangered is to stop hunting them for their skin, meat, eggs and shells.  Humans can also stop littering in the oceans and start being more aware of their plastic usage. 

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The second animal I chose is the vaquita. The vaquita is the closest marine animal to extinction because of illegal fishing operations in Mexico’s Gulf of California. It has a dark ring around its eyes and is mostly gray and white on the underside of its body. There are only 10 animals of this species left in the world. The best way we can stop the extinction of the vaquita is to be more aware of when fishing. They are usually caught in gillnets and drowned. When fishermen are out in the Mexico’s Gulf of California, they should return the vaquitas back into the ocean. If possible, fishermen should try to fish else-where until the number of the vaquita’s population start to increase.

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