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Question: What role do ethics play in judging someone as an

    Question: What role do ethics play in judging someone as an effective speaker? How are ethics important in small group interaction? Please answer the above question in essay format.EXPECTATIONS:PLEASE USE-Examples: Pertinent examples that illustrate your reactions (personal experiences, interviews, quotes, descriptions).Organization:Each response sheet must be a minimum of 2 ½ -3 pages in length, use Times Roman font no larger than 12 pt, and margins set at 1”. The default setting is usually fine. Use double spaced paragraphs. Your response should have a title, and introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Spelling and Grammar: As this is a college course, correct spelling and grammar are essential to the end result. Provide enough time to write and reflect on your work, and use a final proofread for a polished college level written paper. Students who submit a poorly written paper will be required to resubmit their essay once the paper has been reviewed by the Tutoring Center. In the future essay assignments will prescribe a correctly written paper at the time required, so use of tutors is suggested for those needing extra assistance.

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