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Question 8&nbspWhich of the following is&nbspnot&nbspone of the three

    Question 8 Which of the following is not one of the three most important factors in classifying biomes?Answersoil typegeographic locationvegetationclimate3 points  Question 9 Which of the following shows the three stages of ecological succession in the correct order?Answerclimax community; pioneer species; perennialspioneer species; perennials; climax communityperennials; climax community; pioneer speciespioneer species; climax community; perennials3 points  Question 10 Which of the following is true about a climax community?AnswerThe types of species present will rotate throughout the years.Pioneer species are still predominant.The general array of plants and animals will remain constant until the next disturbance.Another disturbance is highly unlikely.

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