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Question 1Can you discuss hypOchloremia?Question 2Can you ou

    Question 1Can you discuss hypOchloremia?Question 2Can you outline the differences between isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic?Question 3There are three important mechanisms that the body usesto handle changes in serum pH. Buffers such as the bicarbonate-carbonicacid buffering system, phosphate buffers in our bones and intracellularprotein buffers are equipt to handle changes in pH. Pulmonarycompensation and renal compensation also maintain pH values.Ventilation works to change the partial pressure of arterial carbondioxide which, in turn, decreases pH. Renal mechanism are very slow, butover time the kidneys will excrete H+ organic acids which,in turn, will regulate pH.Can you list the the three major ways that our bodies buffer?Dear Tutor:I need 100-150 words for each answer with intext citations, page number and credible references.  Thanks.

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