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python project

    Project 1 [10%]:ÿDevelop any original 2D game using Cocos2Dÿand available free art assets.Project may be completed using Linux, Windows, or OS X. If you use OS X, you may use SpriteKit instead of Cocos2D.Project must be implemented in Python and use Cocos2D. (or with Objective-C or Swift with SpriteKit)Project must be an original game.Project may use any online assets with licenses that permit academic use. Turn in licenses (text files or screen shots) for each third party asset used (Clearly identify which licenses apply to each asset).See sample Cocosoids and Whakaduke in the Resources area of this site.Grade Sheet:2 points for any original python program that uses a Cocos2D or SpriteKit game loop, displays one or more sprites, and executes without error.2 points for any original python program that uses Cocos2D or SpriteKitÿto accept user input from keyboard or mouse.2 Points for documentation explaining how to play the game including valid inputs from users.2 Points for object oriented design using two or more classes to encapsulate game logic.2 Points for creativity.

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