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Provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Identify a

    Provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Identify at least one aspect of the video not discussed in their responses that you think should be included. Share some ideas for how they could incorporate this aspect in their classroom. 5 sentences or more.Discussion 1 Week 2How can preschool curricula, based on solid research, build school- and life-related skills?The video stated that the curricula should be a combination of teacher directed and child directed. Having a combination of both helps to encourage higher level thinking. Research also shows that children who attend a highly qualified preschool end up graduating high school and maintaining a higher paid job than those children who did not attend preschool at all or an underqualified preschool. Children learn self-regulation, they learn how to problem solve, share, take turns, and have a joy for learning. Leaning all of those qualities help children later in life. They are all skills that children will use throughout life.Why are well-qualified teachers important? Preschools who employ well trained teachers whose pay is competitive are able to implement the curriculum that is researched based. These teachers are educated, and have a passion for teaching young children. These teachers know what it takes to create at atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Preschools that have this atmosphere help children to feel accepted and are then able to learn easier than in a chaotic atmosphere. Children are then able to focus on learning and also learn from their peers. Well qualified teachers also asses their students so that they can alter their lesson to benefit each child. Teachers also attend teacher development to learn new teniques and teaching strategies based on research.How is play integrated into learning? Through play children are able to learn abstract and social skills along with self-regulation. Children have to problem solve when conflicts arise. They also learn socially accepted behavior. For example, screaming and crying or hitting is not socially acceptable behavior when a child does not get what they want. They are able to learn from their peers because each child is unique with their own knowledge based on their experiences. Playing helps to build imagination and children act out everyday activities that help them in life. For example, playing grocery store children learn to shop for necessities, develop a concept of money and numbers, and have social interactions with the “shopper” and the “cashier.”Jolanta Augustaite. (2012, March). Growing and learning in preschool (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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