Project Management Part 1: 400-600 words Role of Project Management In the race for a competitive advantage, today’s organizations are often tasked with multiple large in-house and outsourcing responsibilities when it comes to project management. Read the brief history of project management from this Web site. Then, respond to the following: Explain what project management is, and how it evolved over time. Explain at least 1 thing that has surprised you about the field of project management. Reference Haughey, D. (2013, April 21). A brief history of project management. Retrieved from… Part 2 Project Management Life Cycle Primary Task Response: write 300–400 words Research the project management process groups and the project life cycle structure in the PMBOK® Guide, then respond to the following: When starting a project, why would a project charter, as described in the PMBOK® Guide Develop Project Charter Process of the Initiating Process Group, be important? What is the purpose of the scope statement produced during the Define Scope process of planning the project? Explain how the project management process groups are similar to, yet different from, the project life cycle structure.

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