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Project Assignment:To attract more people to your fair you n

    Project Assignment:To attract more people to your fair you need to come up with a giant size food that will attract a crowd. This should be something unique that you will have to size up from a regular recipe. You can use your plan from the Task to get started. Step by step directions for task:Decide on a giant food product that will feed at least 100 people. Some things that have been done at fairs include the largest hamburger, the longest hotdog, the largest apple pie, and the tallest ice cream cone. See if you can come up with something unique that depends on a recipe to make.Once you have decided on the food type, find a recipe that includes at least 5 ingredients.Now decide how big your food will be. For example, the world record for the tallest ice cream cone measures 9 feet 2.63 inches. Don’t believe it, check out the video at Calculate how much you will need of each ingredient in order to giant size your food item. For example, if you needed ¼ pound of ground meet to make one hamburger normal size, how much would you need to make it large enough for 100 people to have a bite?Write out the recipe showing how much a normal recipe calls for in one column. In the second column show what one serving would call for in ingredients, and in the third column show what your giant size recipe would call for. Include ALL your calculations.Make a picture of what your giant size food item will look like for the committee so they can advertise it and draw more people to the fair. MAT099 Rubrics.pdf

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