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Probable cause vs reasonable suspicion

    Response or critique the following outline about probable cause vs reasonable suspicion using 100 or more words. Note: All of the answers need not be answered. Just provide feedback to the outline. Developing PolicyProbable Cause v. Reasonable SuspicionHow to train our officers

    What is Probable Cause? What is Reasonable Suspicion? What is the current state law on probable cause and reasonable suspicion? Search and SeizureWhat is search and seizure? When is a search warrant needed? Is probable cause enough to search without a warrant? Fourth AmendmentWhat is the Fourth Amendment? How does the Fourth Amendment protect you?

    Who does the Fourth Amendment regulate? Discuss the reasonable clause and the warrant clause of the Fourth Amendment. Two Fact scenarios. List of steps of the decision-making process that determines if the probable cause or reasonable suspicion exist. Current state law on stop and friskWhat is stop and frisk? What scenario is a stop and frisk allowed?

    Fourth Amendment violationDiscuss what consequences a law enforcement officer receives if they violate the Fourth Amendment.Violation of the exclusionary rule. Violation of a civil or criminal liabilityConclusionReferences (5 Legitimate sources)

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