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Previous to the 1990s, an individual’s Intelligent Quotien

    Previous to the 1990s, an individual’s Intelligent Quotient (IQ) remained an unquestioned, central standard of learning. With a high IQ, it may be assumed an individual might be well-versed in knowledge in order to tackle any problem, making effective and efficient decisions. Yet, contemporary research also indicates that good problem-solving and quality decision making did not always stem from one’s IQ, but more importantly one’s Emotional Intelligence (EI). In fact, a variety of studies have shown that “emotional intelligence competencies account for anywhere from 24 to 69 percent of performance success” (Lynn, 2008).For this Discussion, select a current event (CHOOSE ONE!!) that relates to emotional intelligence and public health leadership. Consider whether emotional intelligence impacts public health leaders and event outcomes.By Day 4Post description of the current event (CHOOSE ONE!!). Then, describe emotional intelligence portrayed by leader(s) in the event. Finally, explain how emotional intelligence may have affected the final outcome of the event. Be specific. (2 PAGES, APA Format, 4 References)Please use the following headings: Current event description Emotional Intelligence Affected Outcome

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