Pretend Christopher Columbus was on trial across time for crimes against humanity

1. Pretend Christopher Columbus was on trial across time for crimes against humanity…you get to call any two people to the stand for either the prosecution or defense….explain who you would call and why and the witness can be a generic representive of a large group…. 2. Why do you think Christopher Columbus is a controversial figure in history? What are the positive and negative characteristics that he represents to the world of western civilization? What do you think should be his legacy and what do you think he should be most remembered for? 3. I was thinking about the link between the protestant reformation and the founding of the United States….What is your interpretation of the first amendment portion of the Constitution? I am obviously referring to the religious part….Do you view it as a strict declaration of absolutely no religion in the public sector or do you think there is opportunity for religion to be a part of our public/governmental sector? 4. I recently read a book about the Glorious English Revolution of 1689. It was called the First American Revolution. How do you think the american colonists are influenced by the concepts of absolutism, John Locke and the Glorious Revolution of 1689?


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