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PowerPoint presentation (PPP) on Sexual Harassment

    You must create a PowerPoint presentation (PPP) on Sexual Harassment to show that you can take the legal information you have learned and break it down into common language and practical advice for employees. This would be a presentation that you would give out or present in a place of business to educate the employees and help avoid liability (e.g., KEEP THE BUSINESS OUT OF TROUBLE!)

    Important Instructions: PPP should be written to an audience of general employees As with any good PPP, it should not be full, solid pages of tiny text but contain some bulleted or well-spaced, easy-to-read and understand statements scattered among paragraphs of text as necessary should give audience practical advice on how to conduct themselves or how NOT to conduct themselves, etc.

    PPP should encapsulate the major concerns or “no-no’s” of the topic area Give examples, ‘rules of thumb’, and scenarios as illustrations to properly educate your audience should assume the reader has NO prior knowledge or understanding of the topic other than hearing cases on that topic across the news stations, etc. and receiving incorrect information. Grading will be based on the quality of the finished product and the accuracy of the guidance PowerPoint presentation should be no more than 12 slides

    You may use illustrations that would be appropriate in the workplace Be creative but the information must be useful as well as accurate The handout should be of professional quality – what you would be expected to hand out or present to employees at an actual place of business. Remember: The goal is to educate employees on a particular area of the law to AVOID any lawsuits or threats of the same in the future. Your group is the owner and/or HR manager for the company.

    Note that employees will not understand the legal rules and standards as stated in the book or in the statutes from which they are derived. Your job is to take these legal rules/standards and break them down into common language, advice, and guidelines to educate your employees and help them understand so your company can avoid liability as a result of illegal and improper conduct.

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