Position Paper (Must be A+ quality)

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Position Paper

In Module/Week 6, you will be required to submit a 4–5-page paper outlining a clear Christian position regarding: The donation and allocation of human organs for transplantation.

Provide a detailed presentation which is organized according to the following format:

PART I – Provide a brief Introductory Summary (Must include a clear Thesis Statement).

PART II – Provide a clear Christian position regarding the allocation and donation of human organs. Provide clear biblical support and rationale.

PART III Explain whether or not individuals without insurance (such as inmates, immigrants, etc.) should be given the same access to transplantation as those individuals with health insurance.

PART IV – Outline a potential structure of allocation which could ethically categorize and determine how organs might best be distributed (or where someone is placed on the organ donation waiting list). Describe if, or when, a random lottery or a first-come, first-serve system should be used.

**Do not include any references to yourself or the reader in the document.

BIBLIOGRAPHY – note that you must have at least TWO supplementary sources (in addition to the text and the Bible) that are used in the development and presentation of your paper. It is important to note that Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for this paper. Make sure to use CURRENT APA or AMA formatting when citing your work.

Writing Tips

At this level of academic learning, a student’s writing skills become increasingly important. In addition to providing graduate-level content, students must take great care with the tone, flow, organization, readability and clarity of their work.

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