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Political Science Paper 7-10 Pages all required text and instructions included

    INSTRUCTIONS: In this paper, you are being asked to write a manifesto about the nature of power and domination. Using no less than four (4) of the writers we have read in the POWER section of the course, compose an essay that establishes a concept of social power and domination and why this is something for others to be aware of and critical of. Write your paper so that it accomplishes several things: (i) a thesis that the paper seeks to persuade the reader; (ii) a coherent argument with justifications for the claims you make; (iii) the use of textual sources from our readings in order to bolster your argument; (iv) a well-written, properly composed essay.REQUIRED LENGTH:ÿ7-10 pagesThe Writers are John Locke, Karl Marx, Malcolm X, and Gaetano MoscaNo Plagiarism!!!!WILLING TO PAY MORE!

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