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Please read the instructions below for information on how to

    Please read the instructions below for information on how toparticipate in this discussion. Please make sure to read theinstructions thoroughly as not all Discussion Questions will have thesame guidelines. For a list of resources that are specific to this assignment, please utilize the ‘Resources Tab’ located below. If you feel that you need help with any of the main topics below, pleaserevisit the Practice Activities located in the Weekly Overview. Before participating in this discussion, please make sure you have completed the readings and have comprehensively analyzed “The Raise” interactive scenario to ensure you can fully address the prompt. In “The Raise” scenario, you were asked to construct arguments in favorof getting a raise. Using the knowledge you gained from the “The Raise”scenario, pick something that you are passionate about and create anargument, either inductive or deductive, to present your strongestposition on that issue. Present your argument in premise-conclusionform. View the following human rights videos listed under this week’srequired multimedia:Gem Slaves: Tanzanite’s child labour – Part – 1 Why women count video clip collection: Southeast Asia, Pacific, Caribbean, Latin America Children and human rights, part 1: Rights & wrongs – Human rights television Child labor, part 1: Rights & wrongs – Human rights television Focus your analysis on a specific contemporary human rights issue. Youcan use an issue from these videos or use what you learn in these videosto address another specific issue that is of interest to you.Use the “Steps for Evaluating an Argument”template to help you structure your response. After you have completedthe argument template, you will then be able to use that template towrite out a narrative response in which you cover all the elements thatwere included in the argument template.You must post to this discussion on at least four separate days of theweek and your posts must total at least 600 words as you address thequestions noted above. Your first post must be completed by Day 3(Thursday) and the remainder of your posts must be completed by Day 7(Monday).  You must answer all aspects of the prompt at some pointduring the week.  Also, be sure to reply to your classmates andinstructor.  Try to attempt to take the conversation further byexamining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to theposts that they make to you.  Keep the discussion on target and try toanalyze things in as much detail as you can.

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