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Please provide answer and formulaThe mean weight of trucks t

    Please provide answer and formulaThe mean weight of trucks traveling on a particular section of I-475 isnot known. A state highway inspector needs an estimate of the mean. Heselects a random sample of 47 trucks passing the weighing station andfinds the mean weight is 21.9 tons. The population standard deviation is3.2 tons. What is the 95 percent interval for the population mean? 21.3 and 22.5 21.0 and 22.8 21.1 and 22.7 22.0 and 23.8 On a very hot summer day, 8 percent of the production employees atMidland States Steel are absent from work. The production employees arerandomly selected for a special in-depth study on absenteeism. What isthe probability of randomly selecting 12 production employees on a hotsummer day and finding that none of them are absent? 0.368 0.386 0.434 0.354 The following is a binomial probability distribution with n = 3 and π = 0.17. X P(x) 0 0.572   1 0.351   2 0.072   3 0.005   The mean of the distribution is 0.51 2.80 0.28 0.70 A random sample of 23 items is selected from a population. To determinethe appropriate critical t-value what number of degrees of freedomshould be used? 24 23 22 28

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