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Please pick a company that I can write about. I have no ide

    Please pick a company that I can write about. I have no idea do you know one. Select a company that you are interested in to conduct your research. Make sure that you are able to obtain adequate information on the company. Your best bet is to select a company that is publicly traded since the information is readily available. Once you have selected your company answer the questions that follow. Remember that you will be following this company throughout the term, so make sure it is a company that is interesting to you.Prepare an essay that addresses the following questions. Remember to cite your sources in APA format.What company did you select and why?What is the product and/or service sold?What are the limitations of your company‚Äôs resources?What type of advantage does your company have in the marketplace?need  2 pages Introduction and 2 pages supply and demand: 2 pages of elasticty 2 pages of marketing : on the company you pick inside text need references no copying

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