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Please note that some links&nbsp given on the original posting

    Please note that some links  given on the original posting were notworking properly. I have provided alternate links. ( when  you go toMoody’s web site-please  choose about Moody’s on its Menu).The corporations that issue bonds to the investing public commonlyget the bonds rated by one or more of the independent rating companies.In order for corporations to sell debt securities, the investing publicmust be able to obtain an independent assessment of the risks associatedwith corporate bonds. Investors depend on the rating agencies to assessrisk and returns on bonds in various risk categories and then assignratingsThere are three major rating agencies for debt securities of domesticfirms: Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch. Each of the ratingservices has web pages describing rating process Answer the following questions.1. Describe the ratings process.2. What are investment grade bonds?3. Identify the key ratios that might go into  assignment of ratings of bondsMajor Rating Websites Fitch

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