ABCPublish Inc. is a textbook publishing company. You are recently hired by the company to build a database to support their data management. The major business operations that your database should support include author management and book version management. Three entities have been identified from the business operations. They are Authors, AuthorshipLog, and Textbooks. Create a database using Access 2016, and name it ABCPublish-FirstnameLastname. Please note that you should include your own first name and last name in the database file name. 

Your Tasks in this Assignment 

1. Create a new database, and name it ABCPublish-FirstnameLastname. Save it onto your computer.

 2. In this database, create two tables (Authors and Textbooks) from scratch, using the field information and data records provided above. 

3. Import the third table – AuthorshipLog from the spreadsheet file provided. 

4. Create a relationship board with all three tables and two relationships. Your completed relationship board should look similar like the data model on Page 1 of this instruction document (symbols would be slightly different though).

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