Please Develop a report base on case study Rhino poaching in south africa: Do national Parks have sufficient resources to fight wildfire crime

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Please Develop a report based on the attached guidelines

please write from the attached roles:

Operations/Value Chain Role: This role analyzes situations from a perspective that takes into account the overall operations of the organization and the organization’s value chain. The value chain should be considered when developing potential solutions.

Financial Role: This role analyzes situations from a perspective of how the situations will affect the organization financially, and what the organization’s financial capabilities are to provide potential solutions.

Business Strategy Role: This role analyzes situations from a perspective of overall strategy. How is the business progressing (or regressing). What specific strategies are in play, and how can they be used to develop potential solutions. If the strategies are weak, what do you suggest?

Organizational Culture and Ethics Role: This role analyzes situations from a perspective of the organizational culture and the commitment (or lack thereof) to ethics/social responsibility. How do these things affect/influence the situations presented in the case? Potential solutions should be developed in line with the organizational culture and its commitment to ethics


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