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Please answer the Following questions in 2 pages.Case Study

    Please answer the Following questions in 2 pages.Case Study: ADavid is a big guy with a big appetite. A typical day starts with a cheese omelet and toast for breakfast, a super-size fast-food meal for lunch, and extra helpings at dinner—not to mention between-meal candy bars, chips, and sodas. Throughout high school, he kept his weight under control playing basketball, but now that he’s commuting to technical school and working in his dad’s auto-parts store, he rarely even gets together with friends for a pickup game. So it’s not surprising that, since school started, he’s gained almost 10 pounds.  Over dinner one night, his mother expresses concern. A native Hawaiian, she’s struggled with obesity ever since moving to the mainland as a teen, and she doesn’t want to see David develop the same problems she’s dealing with: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and shortness of breath. “Why don’t you stop by the recreation center before you start your homework tonight?” she suggests. “Maybe there’s a league you can join for the winter.”“I don’t have time for that stuff anymore,” David answers. “But don’t worry. I’m healthy, and I can control my weight. I just have to stop eating so much of your home cooking!”Questions for case study A1. Should David be concerned about his weight?2. What about his diet, lack of physical activity, or genetics?3. What role do these things play in promoting or reducing our health?4. What can David can do to improve his condition?will not pay more than 7 either here or directly to your paypal if you want just add gmail dot com to my name i will be there if you want direct payment

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