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Please answer the following 2 Activities for my BMGT decisio

    Please answer the following 2 Activities for my BMGT decision Making.Please write for each at least one paragraph with a min of 6 sentences.  read :Chaper 4 and 10: 1, In Hammond Ch 4 (pp 45-64 in the text; pp 32-43 in reader), several means of generating alternatives are suggested. Explain by examples how one might apply 3 of these suggestions to workplace decisions. Activity 2: In Hammond CH 10, there are suggestions on how to avoid or minimize psychological traps. Provide 3 examples of these traps that may be observed in the workplace. For each example, explain how you would deal with the trap in order to make a more effective decision. FYI: Doing nothing is always an alternative. Also, don’t decide yet; we are still gathering info so we can make an effective decision.I also included some course material that might be helpful. I need it done my tomorrow

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