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Business administration programs generally teach organizational behavior.

    Business administration programs generally teach organizational behavior. Public administration programs generally teach organization theory. What are the differences between organizational behavior and organization theory? Why is the sectoral distinction important in understanding the two perspectives? 2. The Pershing and Austin book gives only passing mention (pages 71 and 71) to the work of Dwight Waldo, yet many regard him as the most important public administration theorist from the 1940s into the 1970s.

    Without doing any additional readings (except another course) what are the key points made by Waldo and trace the continuation of those ideas into how we understand Public Administration even today. 3. The classical or rational actor model of organizational dynamics also remains influential today. Trace the continuation of the underlying principles of that model in how we approach organization processes, practices, and structures today.

    4. What do you think is the primary purpose of increased participation by workers in organizational decision-making…? Stated differently, how democratic should public organizations in a democracy be? Why (p. 131)? 5. Allison’s Organizational Process Model, emphasizes the impact of organizational rules, and especially standard operating procedures, on organizational processes. Discuss.

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