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PJM480 Module 3: Project Selection CRITICAL THINKING Using p

    PJM480 Module 3: Project Selection CRITICAL THINKING Using past course texts, current suggested readings, and other scholarly resources, define the project selection process.For your assignment, address the following in a well-written paper.Describe the project selection process.Describe the selection criteria that should be considered and why they are important.Describe stage gate reviews and evaluation criteria.Describe the differences you might see between IT projects and manufacturing projects.Describe two methods to support value (NPV, ROI, Payback) and assess the viability of new projects. Include why they are used, how they are calculated, and the value each adds.Lastly, conclude with a summary for an organization that may be using your review as a guide.Your paper should meet the following requirements:Be at least 3 pages in length.have title and reference page (not included as part of the page requirements)Be formatted according to PROPER APA FORMATInclude at least two scholarly sources AND CITE SOURCES IN APA FORMAT

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