PJM440 MOD2 Discussion Post 250 words 2 APA cited references

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Module 2: Discussion Forum

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In Part 1, section 8.2 of the PMBOK ® Guide – 6th edition, several data analysis and data representation tools and techniques are presented to manage quality. Describe a scenario about how a data analysis tool or technique and a data representation tool or technique may be used in practice. Explain how you have used them in the past and how you will use them in the future.

Tip: Use the CSU Global Library search engines, and key words such as data analysis and data representation tools and techniques, and others, to yield credible resources to use in this discussion. Embed course material concepts, principles and theories, and supporting citations to support your answer to the prompt. Include at least one current (published in the most recent 5 years), scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer. The required reference can be found in the CSU Global Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references. Reply to at least two peer discussion posts to this weekly discussion prompt. Replies must be substantial and constructive in nature. Answering any questions posed by your instructor or classmates is also expected.

Discussion question responses should be at least 200-300 words, referenced, and submitted by Thursday midnight. Reference the Required/Recommended reading materials or provide reference to a CSU-Global Library article of your choice.


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