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Part I Individual Component (4 points)Each team member find

    Part I: Individual Component (4 points)Each team member finds (researches) a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy at a large organization. Copy it and prepare a written discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of the policy to share with your team. Decide how to evaluate each policy so that strengths and weaknesses can be noted. Submit this summary of your individual CSR policy in writing with your two references and following APA formatting. You may want to research how to best evaluate a CSR policy and use this for both Part I and Part II.Part II: Team Component (8 points)Imagine your team represents the executive committee at an imaginary organization tasked with drafting a CSR policy. Each person must represent a different stakeholder in the company. Decide your roles and develop the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for your imaginary organization.Document your committee’s views on the essential components of a CSR policy. Include the following: What role does your organization play in the community?What factors in your organization influence the social responsibility strategies?What is one social initiative your organization will champion?What is your organization’s responsibility to the community? Explain.What are the main components of an effective CSR policy?What are the potential consequences of your chosen social initiative and policy? Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, presenting your CSR policy to key stakeholders in your organization. Include as a separate document the Corporate Social Responsibility policies that each team member located and shared with the team, the evaluation criteria and the documented essential components in a CSR policy.

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