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Part 1Apersons lifestyle has a significant influence on th

    Part 1:Aperson’s lifestyle has a significant influence on the person’s healthand development as he or she moves into middle age (and old age).Stability and change are also common factors in an adult’s life.Describehow middle adulthood provides stability in a person’s life. Explainsome of the factors that would lead to stability in a person’s life ashe or she moves through middle age.Describesome of the more common lifestyle issues that have a negative impact ona person’s continued development. Explain how a person may be able toreverse some of the lifestyle influences.Onthe basis of your readings, describe what is meant by a midlife crisis.Explain why a midlife crisis may or may not be critical.Justifyyour answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your text andcourse readings. Comment on the postings of at least two peers, andprovide an analysis of each peer’s postings while also suggestingspecific additions or clarifications for improving the discussionquestion response.Part 2:Erikson, Helson, and Levinson provide different perspectives on middle age in adulthood.Describe each of these theories as it relates to middle adulthood.On the basis of your readings, compare and contrast these theories. Which one gives a better explanation of middle adulthood?

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