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Part 1Affirmative actionattempts to remedy the injustice of

    Part 1Affirmative actionattempts to remedy the injustice of racial and sexual discrimination. Whenasked to justify their position, supporters of affirmative action commonlyappeal to its effects on living individuals of our society’s long history ofpast discrimination. Other point to current patterns of discrimination. Wouldthe regents be correct to conclude that, in light of these considerations,Katie Sampson’s proposal should be rejected?Do you agree that allaffirmative action policies create unjust reverse discrimination? If not, whichspecific forms of affirmative action do you think escape this charge, and whydo you think this?Part 2Companies, large andsmall, tax payers and college students are all faced with the option ofcheating.Why do people andcompanies cheat? What damage is causes by cheating? What ethical principles canbe considered in relationship to cheating? How have you dealt with this issuein your life?

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