In this paper we will examine Ethics. After completing the introduction and purpose statement, below is what I am looking for in the analysis. For the first part of the analysis, you are to discuss the importance of an ethical climate within an organization. For the next part of the analysis, you would discuss biases that impact moral decision-making. For the third part of the analysis, you are to analyze and discuss an ethical issue that has either occurred in your own organization, or an organization of your choosing (e.g. Enron, Volkswagen, etc.).

After discussing the ethical issue, you will discuss how the issue should have been handled differently. And lastly, you will discuss what moral principles should have been considered. Wrap up your entire analysis with a solid conclusion. Please follow the outline below-Criteria: This paper must be at least 5 pages of content (not including the cover page or reference page), and completed in APA format (6th edition). Aside from utilizing the text as a source, you are required to use at least 2 additional scholarly resources. Check out the library online database to find articles. Please provide the paper in Word document format.

Your paper must include the following: Cover PageIntroduction (1 to 2 paragraph maximum)Purpose Statement (2 to 3 sentences)Analysis (3.5 to 4 page maximum)-The importance of an ethical climate within an organization-Biases that impact moral decision making. (Note: just discuss 2 or 3, no need to discuss every single bias listed in the text. The biases I am referring to are located in the Values, Ethics, and Character Chapter). Be sure to provide an example for each bias and connect how the biases you are discussing, could impact morale decision-making.

NOTE: Please use the biases from the chapter noted above, that is what I am looking for when I read this part of your analysis.-Example and analysis of an ethical issue-think about why this issue was unethical. (Remember, you are choosing an ethical issue either within your own organization or an organization of your choosing).-How could the issue have been handled differently?-What moral principles should have been considered? (Note: Think about the principles we discussed in week 2 from table 1-4).-Conclusion (1 to 2 paragraph maximum)Reference page

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