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Universal Studious Orlando Implementation, Evaluation and Control

    paper about Universal Studious Orlando Implementation, Evaluation and Control (1 page only with in text citation, APA style )the coming questions can help you get the paper done.


    Is the marketing organization structured appropriately to implement the marketing plan? What specific activities must take place? Who is responsible for these activities? What is the implementation timetable? What other marketing research is necessary? What will be the financial impact of this plan on a one-year projected income statement? How does projected income compare with expected revenue if the plan is not implemented?

    What are the performance standards? What monitoring procedures (audits) will take place and when?Does the firm seem to be trying to do too much or not enough? Are the core marketing strategies for achieving objectives sound? Are the objectives being met, and are the objectives appropriate? Are enough resources (or too many resources) budgeted to accomplish the marketing objectives?

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