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Option #2: Self-Assessment

    Take the self-assessment from Chapter 2 of the textbook. Then write a 3-page narrative essay that reports your scores, defines your dominant images, and responds to the four questions at the end of the self-assessment. While this is a reflective assignment, you must support your responses with citations as directed in the checklist below.Chapter 2 is attached as a PDFThe paper should be formatted with double spacing, citations, title page, reference page, and errorless APA formattingReviewÿproper essay form: Include an introduction, the body of text, and a conclusion.Develop aÿ3-pageÿessay (title and reference pages do not count in the 3-page requirement).Support your major points withÿcitations from course materials and outside sources. Describe your personal experiences, but support any analysis or interpretation with substantiation fromÿcredible sources.ÿTo complete this assignment, citation of a minimum of three scholarly references other than the course textbook is required.

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