Operations Management Presentation

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Company I would like to use is Bank of America.


Throughout this course we will be examining the 10 strategic operation management principles.Week 8 you will be submitting a narrated PowerPoint presentation analyzing your current or previous employer’s alignment with 8 of these principles.For each principle, you should focus on and include examples and research to support your observations/recommendations:

  • What is the current approach utilized?
  • Give a recommendation on how the company could utilize/enhance this approach.
  • Give a recommendation on how the company could reduce costs.
  • Give a recommendation on how the company could enhance their approach.

The principles you are looking at (choose 8) are:

  • Design of goods and services
  • Managing quality
  • Process and capacity strategy
  • Location strategy
  • Layout strategy
  • Human resource and job design
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling
  • Maintenance

Assignment format:

The assignment is presented as a narrated PowerPoint presentation.Supporting research should be presented.

  • One slide per principle.
  • Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc…

Must have proper citations and reference slide


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