Operating System Upgrade Implementation Report and Presentation

final project  is an operating system upgrade implementation brief, containing three deliverables (a written report, an information assurance presentation, and web-technology tutorials) to illustrate implementation of provided components of an operating system upgrade plan. Using the given scenario, you will complete the implementation tasks as described for the operating system upgrade. Course Outcomes ï‚· Assess the capabilities of basic computer networks in terms of scope and scale for their ability to address enterprise needs ï‚· Modify basic behaviors in computer programs to meet specified criteria ï‚· Employ fundamental practices for data storage and data retrieval systems that inform appropriate management of data within an enterprise ï‚· Manipulate basic web technologies for optimal use and function ï‚· Analyze fundamental components of information assurance practices to maximize the security of enterprise systems Prompt Your final project will address the following scenario: You are a new employee at an IT help desk. The organization that you work for has computers that are due for an operating system (OS) upgrade. Your supervisor has provided you with tasks needed to facilitate a smooth upgrade process. You will use the provided elements to explain and illustrate the implementation of an operating system upgrade. You will write a report design a presentation and create two brief tutorials. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: Written Report: I. Using the provided coding, determine modifications to the code in order to communicate to employees about the pending operating system upgrade through a display on their desktop computer screen. A. Identify five components of the code, indicating their role in programming. Be sure to address all five components. B. Modify existing code to generate a new message to employees that informs them of the anticipated date for the upgrade. Use screenshots to illustrate the working code before and after modification. C. Describe the changes made and why they were necessary. II. Using the provided illustration of the network configuration for the organization, give a detailed description of the computer network. The description will be used by Help Desk staff to provide necessary support to employees. A. Network Configuration – Explanation: Describe the configuration of the network, explaining the role of each component and connection. 

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