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    One to two paragraph is needed for assignment. ‘Intrusions in Asia; Opera and Society and a Dilemma’ Please respond toone (1) of the following, using sources under theExplore heading as the basis of your response: Describe the key motives involved in the increased presence of Westerners inIndia, China, and Japan in the 1700s and 1800s. Identify the key factors thatled to Britain’s successful imposition of its presence and trade policies onChina, despite communications like those from Emperor Ch’ien-lung (i.e.,Qianlong) and Commissioner Lin Zexu (i.e., Lin Tse-hsu). Argue for or againstthe British policies regarding China in the 1800s, using analogies from our ownmodern times.  Read, listen to, and watch the sources for the opera composers at theWebsites below and in this week’s Music Folder. Describe the major influencesthat Verdi, Wagner, or Puccini exerted upon opera in terms of making it moreinnovative, realistic, and even controversial. Next, consider Wagner and thisdilemma:  Wagner’s brilliance is clear because his works remain some of the mostpopular and admired productions in our own time. Yet, he was a blatantlyantisemitic and held notions of racial purity, traits that have stained hisartistic legacy. (This was compounded by the later celebration of Wagner’s musicby Hitler and the Nazis). New York Times writer Anthony Tommasini wrote ofWagner in 2005: ‘How did such sublime music come from such a warped man? Maybeart really does have the power to ferret out the best in us.’  So, consider theissue of whether we should or can separate the artist from the art, whether wecan appreciate the art but reject the artist. Or whether we should reject boththe person and his or her art.  Identify one (1) modern musician or artist wherethis dilemma arises. Explore:Intrusions in AsiaChapter 29 (pp. 974-979), intrusions into Asia;  Chapter 29 (pp.980-984), Japanese woodblock prints  Opium Wars and the Opening of China at Wars with visuals at documents from China at       and and Society  Chapter 30 (pp. 1003-1010), Wagner and Verdi; (pp. 1133-1134),PucciniHuizenga article and audio selections at Wagner video of a stage production (Tristan und Isolde) at video clip of stage production (Rigoletto) at video clip of stage production (Tosca) at Reply Quote

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