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One common thread among the theories of the womens rights m

    One common thread among the theories of the women’s rights movement is the idea of chivalry. The chivalry hypothesis describes the attitude that females receive different treatment in the criminal justice system than their male counterparts do, and that women need to be ‘protected’ by the male (or criminal justice system).With this aspect of chivalry and the information from this week’s reading assignment in mind, review the following scenario and then discuss why this is gender or sexual discrimination.In Middleton USA, a rash of attacks has been taking place. The suspects are all men and their target is any woman walking alone after dark. The victims have nothing in common except for their gender; they are of various ages, ethnicities, and body types. A curfew was ordered ONLY for women. The mayor declared that all women must be off the streets and inside by dark, unless accompanied by a male.Why is this gender/sexual discrimination?How might a woman react to this curfew?How might a man’s reaction to the curfew for women differ?EACH QUESTION MUST BE A PARAGRAPH LONG

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