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Occupational Stress or Mini-Review Paper

    Occupational Stress or Mini-Review Paper.

    For the occupational stress paper, students will investigate potential stressors likely to be encountered in their CHOSEN CAREERS by reviewing the literature and interviewing at least one person working in that career. A minimum of two professional journal articles that preferably relate directly to the career must be used. If students are unable to locate articles directly relating to their careers, they may use, with instructor permission, professional journal articles that discuss occupational stress of a more general nature.

    Write a concise summary of the research, integrating information from the journal articles and the interview, including methods used by your interviewee to cope with stressors. For the mini-review paper, students will review the literature on a pre-approved topic related to stress or stress management. For the review of literature, use a minimum of four professional journal articles. Write a concise summary of the research, integrating information from the journal articles.

    Professional journal articles, or scholarly articles, have undergone a review process before publication. This means that the article has been reviewed by experts and typically revised prior to publication. The peer-review process helps to ensure that high-quality articles are published. For this assignment, it is recommended that you begin searching for articles using the Expanded Academic Index (one of the library’s databases) and on the search menu, check the box to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles.

    All references must be appropriately cited in the text, and a reference list must be included. For this assignment, a maximum of two sentences may be direct quotations. Papers will be 2-3 pages, not including a reference list.

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