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Observation 1 – Banks are becoming very unpopular entitiesO

    Observation 1 – Banks are becoming very unpopular entitiesObservation 2 – Many businesses are turning (trying to turn) to the sale of stocks as revenue creating (loan replacement) options. More and More average people are investing in stocks.Observation 3 – The Internet and startups are making it easier and easier to Crowd source, which is easier, more personal and potentially more rewarding then stocksStatement: Banks will never go away as they are required from many services not just loans, Crowd sourcing will likely to grow in popularity and ease of use. Stocks are and will continue to be a major option in the funding/ investment arena.Questions – As Stocks and Crowd sourcing become more popular and easier to access to the general population (the ‘other 95%’) will the effect of the FED rates and interest rates on bank (or other bank like institutions) have the same impact as the current economic models predict? Is there a factor of influence being used in the determination (equations) of economic policy? Should the (what ever it may become) new economic model include some kind of factor of influence for the continued growth in non bank loan (fund raising) options?

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