Identify the anatomical structures of the respiratory system and their functions. Explain the mechanics of breathing. Explain internal and external respiration

Deliverables. A one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) paper. Step 1 Explain three difficult concepts. As you review the activities and the information presented in this lesson and the textbook, identify the three most difficult concepts (or parts of a concept) in respiratory anatomy and respiration for most anatomy and physiology students.

Select one difficult concept from each of these topic areas: Anatomy of the Respiratory SystemMechanics of BreathingRespirationStep 2 Write an explanation of each concept. Write a clear one-paragraph explanation of each of these three concepts. Use images from the Internet or those that you scan into the document, if possible. Limit your response to a one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) paper.*APA FORM, NO PLAGIARISM

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