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o explore with some depth a topic of general interest within your field

    To explore with some depth a topic of general interest within your field. To acquaint you with the sorts of professional writing within the emergency services industry. To introduce you to the sorts of publications opened to those within emergency services, To hone your writing skills

    Choose the audience most pertinent to the type of publication you have selected and adjust your writing style to what you believe they will need or appreciate Write in common language for the everyday reader. Remember: this article is for non-experts. Evidence Your article should be fully researched and well developed, with adequate details, explanations, and examples. When you use information from an outside source, you must cite it according to APA documentation guidelines and note the source in a resource list.

    Organization. Your article should begin by pulling the reader in, zero in on your focus, and then begin to develop your evidence or content in a logical fashion. Keep discussions together. Use headings to point out major alterations in the topic, then subheadings to break up longer sections.FormatThe article should be eight or more pages in length if not done in a columnar fashion; if done in columns, it should be about five to six pages.

    It should include internal headings.It should use at least five outside sources unless I have approved otherwise.It should use illustrations.It should follow documentation procedures found in the APA guidelines. The pages should be numbered.

    BOTTOM LINE: your article should look like an article from a magazine, so spend some time formatting it in a professional manner. Include “sidebars” (short related stories) as necessary. Be creative with fonts for titles, with insertions of the illustrations, and with such things as quotations blocked or boxed across two columns.ToneClear. Direct. Persuasive. Enthusiastic. Confident but not cocky. Never condescending. You might be talking to an audience of non-experts, but you should never talk down to them!

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