Nurses role in facilitating the patient to cope and promote self-management


Scholarly Paper 

Write an essay on the nurse’s role in facilitating the patient to cope and promote self-management.

Discuss the following issues:

                    (1) Peritoneal Dialysis Self-Care/Management

                    (2) Depression &

                    (3) Body Image and how nurses can help patients cope and manage with Peritoneal Dialysis.

  • APA format, no more than 3 pages in length, not including your title page or reference list

Written following APA Style Guide 7th edition. APA can be thought of in two parts:


APA formatting, which includes such things as title page, double spaced, 1-inch margins, using size 12 font (  Times New Roman)

APA citation, which includes such things as a reference list, and in-text citations


  • 3 references within the last 5-10 years is acceptable
  • If you ONLY use the textbooks as your references, you will do poorly
  • Stick to the focus of the essay (as outlined above), this essay is about PD and your role in supporting the patient, DO NOT write about supporting patients on hemodialysis, you will do poorly
  • Do not write about CKD/ESRD alone, this paper is about PD, if you only focus on CKD/ESRD you will do poorly


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