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Noun ClauseDirections Re-write the sentences to correct the

    Noun ClauseDirections: Re-write the sentences to correct the errors. If the sentence iscorrect, write ‘correct’ as your answer. There are 3 correct sentences.Error Correction – 1. The firefighters are trying to determine where did the lightening strike the house.2. I was wondering if r not you would like to join a study group with me?3. That Microbiology 1022 is a tough class is a well-known fact.4. The president of the college said that, ‘budget cuts will affect how many classes are offered in the future’.5. Please don’t forget way are you studying to get a degrees.6. The counselor suggested that the students selects two majors-one in law and the other in business.7. ‘The economy is in a deep recession she said. The rate of inflation is up and spending is down’8. The doctor wanted to know if the patient had smoked or taken narcotics before the blood test.9. Whether or not I have a job is a very important criterion for getting a mortgage.10. The employee told the boss that he will work overtime.Please help me thanks you so much <3

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