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No Plagiarism , No Google , please respond to ALL quest

    No Plagiarism , No Google , please respond to ALL questions in a fully developed paragrap。 Do no answer each of them a piece of sentences, Need a fully answer . 1. Discuss the symbolism used at the Taj Maha。2. Discuss the political implications of the painting of Jahangir and Shah Abbas.3. Briefly describe the characteristics of Chinese literati painting. Use an example of this style.4. Examine how the plan of the Forbidden City reflects Chinese cultural values of the Ming dynasty.5. Discuss the aesthetics of the Japanese tea ceremony. Consider both the architecture of tea rooms and the kinds and ceramics used in the ceremony.6. Discuss the kinds of subject matter that was favored in Japanese woodblock prints known as ukiyo-e. Who was the audience for these prints?7. Discuss the sculpture of the Goddess Coatlicue in relation to the Aztec belief system.8. How did the tapestries created by Hosteen Klah break traditional Navajo prohibitions?9. Discuss the function and symbolism used in Asmat Spirit Poles.10. Meeting houses were (and are) particularly important for Polynesian cultures. Looking at the Maori Meeting House in New Zealand, discuss the role these houses play in society and discuss the symbolism used in their construction.11. Explain the role of masquerade in African art by analyzing the rite-of-passage ceremony of the Bwa culture.12. Using the Reliquary Guardian of the Fang people in Africa as your example, discuss the role of ancestors in this culture.

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